Our one to one coaching sessions include a Personal Breakthrough Session

When you think about all the time you spend concentrating on your family,your career and just about everyone else then a few hours concentrating on you are not a luxury they can be a neccesity.

Popularly known as Executive Coaching, a Personal Breakthrough Session is a rapid way to achieve significant changes in your personal development.These are client specific sessions, which means you decide whatever personal changes you want to make in your self to achieve your goals in your personal or professional lives.

Some of the most powerful sessions we have done include:

Client B is about to be married to a man she loves but is worried about giving up her single life.Love or freedom?

Client A D is very a high achieving lawyer but also a great Dad who wants to spend more time with his kids . How does he solve this?

Client F has lived in England for years and has great friends but is missing her family in New Zealand. What does she really want?

When you try to make choices your conscious mind has a way of telling you what you should do . With a Breakthrough Session we can help you can make descisions based upon what you really want.

What you can expect from a Breakthrough session?

A Breakthrough Session is a way of really concentrating on you, your life and the way forward.

May be you are already very successful in many areas of your life, however not in some others. Personal Breakthrough sessions provide you the opportunity to reach the success you want in those areas.

Personal Breakthrough Sessions are also great for people who find themselves with issues or problems that they have been unable to resolve themselves, possibly due to limiting beliefs, or past experiences.

A Breakthrough Session will allow you to make choices that are right for you base upon your personal goals and value system.

How Would You Know If You Need A Personal Breakthrough?

If you have ever find yourself getting in similar situations again and again or if you keep repeating same undesirable behaviour/habit or if you find yourself saying or thinking
• I wish I could . . .
• On one hand I want this on other I want that
• If I could find a way to do . . .
• I just can’t let it go . . .
• I just can’t do this or that – I have tried but I just can’t stop doing . . .
• I don’t know why I feel this way . . .
• Why do I keep doing that . . .
• I can’t deal with it now; it’s still too painful . . .
• I wonder how people overcome such problems . . .

If there is something you truly want to change or have a descision to make in your life then you need Personal Breakthrough Coaching.

A session usually lasts between 3 and 4 hours.

One to One Coaching

Psychotherapy for problems new or longstanding.

Hypnotherapy and Visualation for deep seated problems,health problems and freedom from stress.

Client F G in Spain was able to get through difficult treatment in hospital by visualising her lovely garden in Ireland and walking around there in her mind.

Co-Active Coaching for getting organised,making plans and getting rid of that voice that tells you cannot do this "The Gremlin"

Telephone Coaching is very powerful and usually happens once a week.This is useful if you travel with work or are at home with family.

NLP for rapid change,we do not even need to know what the problem is with New Code NLP.

These sessions usually last around 50 minutes.

Please contact us at richmondlifecoaching@gmail.com or ring for a chat about the way forward.