RICHMOND LIFE COACHING is an accredited NLP Training and Coaching group. We specialize in the teaching and development of the individual using all the NLP techniques available. We are an accredited organization by the International Trainers Academy for both classic and New Code NLP.
RICHMOND LIFE COACHING is a certifying institute of THE INTERNATIONAL TRAINERS ACADEMY (ITA). This prestigious organization was established by Dr. John Grinder [co-founder of NLP] Carmen Bostic St.Clair and Michael Carroll to improve the standard and maintain a high quality of NLP instruction that is on offer to the public.


• New Code 4 day courses
• NLP Practitioner Courses
• NLP Master Practitioner Courses
• NLP for Business & Education

Our NLP Training Courses will enable you to excel in your life and career they offer great insights in improving your skills in sales, management, leadership, personal communication and much more.

We have courses for personal development and career advancement. Our intensive NLP programmes are practical, fun and exciting using proven and up to date NLP Training Techniques  All our experienced course trainers will introduce you to the tools and resources that will empower you to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve your personal goals. First choice for Personal Development, Career Advancement, New Code Courses, Practitioner Courses, Master Practitioner Courses, NLP for Business, NLP for Education

NLP is now the fastest growing practical set of techniques and philosophies for achieving results and producing continual success in the world today.  Our NLP courses give you a successful approach to enable fast and effective change in all areas of your life. NLP explores the relationship between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (verbally and non verbally) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes).

Neuro – Our mental map of the world is constituted of internal images, sounds, tactile awareness, internal sensations, tastes and smells that form as a result of the Neurological Filtering Process.
– We then assign personal meaning to the information being received from the outside world.  We form our 2nd mental map by giving language to those internal images, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells. Programming – The behavioural response that occurs as a result of the neurological filtering processes and the subsequent linguistic map.
NLP has its roots in 1970s Psychotherapy.  It started when JOHN GRINDER who was then a Professor of Linguistics at The University of California in Santa Cruz teamed up with an undergraduate RICHARD BANDLER. Both men had a fascination with human excellence which led to them modelling behavioural patterns of selected geniuses.

Modelling is the core activity of NLP.  It is the process of extricating and replicating the language structure and behavioural patterns of an individual who is excellent at a given activity.

New Code

Anyone who is an NLP practitioner, NLP master practitioner or NLP trainer will benefit from the New Code training.  In a bid to ensure New Code training remains in keeping with the co-developers intentions – JOHN GRINDER and Carmen Bostic joined forces with Michael Carroll in training approved New Code Trainers.  These trainers are a select group (through the partnership of GRINDER, Bostic and Carroll through the International Trainers Academy) and the ONLY people in the world who can certify people as New Code NLP Practitioners.

Carole McCall is a powerful new code trainer and whether you choose the UK or Spain alternative will make your 4 day course an amazing experience. The New Code enables a relationship to unfold between the unconscious and conscious mind that creates all sorts of life experiences.  You will learn how to suspend the conscious filters so that the unconscious will present choice after choice, creating constant possibilities

NLP Practitioner Course (8 days)
The Course, your 8 day NLP Practitioner Course will include study of:
• Rapport
• Calibration
• Representational systems
• Language patterns
• Methods of verifying map alignment
• Metaphor
• Anchoring techniques
• Perceptual positions
• Epistemology
• Hypnotic patterning
• Involuntary signals
• N step reframe
• Belief change
• Parts intervention
• Minimum new code information
• Sub modality interventions

Course Syllabus
• Develop confidence in yourself and others
• Develop your sensory awareness
• Ask questions that get specifically to the heart of what really matters
• To overcome self-doubt and criticism
• Eliminate phobias in yourself and others
• Have many ways to successfully manage your state
• Use your unconscious mind to get what you want and to help others
to get what they want
• Gain rapport with others and – just as importantly-yourself!
• Use your unconscious to generate new behaviours and resources
• Understand how to create your own internal movies to learn
and RUN YOUR OWN BRAIN and so help others to run theirs
• Understand how the internal movies and soundtracks that you and others run inside your own mind influence your life
• Ways to overcome addictions and compulsions
• Model patterns of excellence
• Create your own map of the world or “how we know what we know”
• Learn language patterns that influence
• The ´know nothing´ high performance states used to model excellence and access new resources
• Understand the patterns of New Code NLP

NLP New Code (4 days)
The Course, you will learn through demonstrations how to:
• Work with New Code NLP, the latest development in NLP
• Help people deal with heal physical issues
• Work at a higher logical level than a standard fractioned
• Understand the deep structure of change in individuals
• Working with the idiosyncrasies of the unconscious mind
• Various interventions to manipulate state for change
• How to stand out from the NLP crowd
Course Syllabus
• New Code NLP
• The variables in New Games
• Alphabet Game
• Swift ball twist game (new)
• Breath of Life; high performance breathing
• Walk with grace and power; (X & Y) bringing new resources to
current situations
• Rhythms of Life; working with Life’s natural rhythms
• Peripheral vision of drills; peripheral vision is an excellent doorway
to high performance states
• Incursion pattern; (new) for blowing out extreme patterns
• Sanctuary; when a pattern in life catches you out because it jumps out too quickly or sneaks up on you too slowly
• Intention Frame; The effect of `intention on past issues, and reframing the effect is often the first step in dealing with past issues.
• Ericksonian Hypnosis Inductions; easy to learn inductions for helping clients set up involuntary signal systems and access unconscious resources.
• Post hypnotic suggestion; how to use post hypnotic suggestion to create change
• Linguistic Presuppositions in trance; How to use presuppositions to facilitate trance and act as filters for directing attention on change.

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Some comments by clients on previous courses.

Sheila from Altea,Spain –  Business woman now a  Coach.
"I was at a crossroads in life. NLP gave me direction and helped me find my niche – helping people be the best they can be. Fantastic! We all have the resources to be excellent at whatever it is we choose to do and be. This course taught me this and I now have the skills to go out and help others to be the best they can be. Amazing!"

Laurence – Successful Entrepreneur & Businessman
"My life was dramatically changed within months. I was so impressed I decided a year later to actually go on the course and become a practitioner so I could help others know the same liberating experience."

Janet – Newspaper Journalist

"WOW! This eight day course literally transformed my life and now I am seeing amazing results with clients, fears and phobias wiped out often after just one session. Deep seared emotions like anger cleared, improving health and relationships. It’s wonderful to help build confidence and self belief in someone using this NLP. I have seen them discover their true potentials. This course changed my life AND NOW I AM helping OTHERS do the same. I love my job.

Hilda – Recently retired from United Nations

"I used to think people could not change, I learnt they don’t, but they CAN change their behaviour, in a heart beat, and it’s the behaviour that counts. I recommend this course to anyone who needs direction in their life, a new career to earn great money, or anyone who just wants to clear up their issues. Go for it, it’s easier than you know!"

Karen – UK
"This course was thought provoking and very enjoyable. It helped me in my personal and professional life from day 1."